America’s Most Entertaining Rodeo Clown and Barrel Man

Rodeo Acts

Trent provides a wealth of humor and good fun with his special brand of humor. Trent has perfected the art of keeping the audience distracted while the rodeo transitions from event to event. Not only does Trent have the ability to hold the crowds attention, he is an accomplished barrel man. Check out the acts

Entertain your crowds

Trent has a unique way of connecting with the audience on a personal level. He believes in including them in the show. And isn’t afraid to get them involved by joining them in the stands.  Wether it’s a high energy dance contest or finding his fan of the night. He reads your audience and keeps them energized and focusing on the action in the arena.
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Trent loves what he does. He understands that if it wasn’t for the fans support, he wouldn’t get to travel the country doing what he loves.  After the performances he likes to thank people for coming out by taking pictures with the fans and signing autographs. These free autographs are a great way to keep people talking about your event all year long in anticipation for next years show. continued


“Trent has a unique talent of relating to the audiences 
and leaves them
with a pleasurable rodeo experience. “

— Sid McFarland, Professional Rodeo Entertainer and Barrel Man

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